CLC Incorporated leads the nation in its ability to provide a complete solution for caregivers in need of help with the complicated matrix of providing care to physically or mentally challenged loved ones. Age is not an issue when it comes to caregiving.

Due to clear demographics of our aging society, and the fact that most caregivers are also employed with children at home (the "sandwich generation"), CLC, as the leading national provider of legal and financial services, is pioneering solutions for all caregivers, and caregivers to be, including long-distance care management.

What It Is

CLC's Care Management & Eldercare Division was created to provide guidance and help to every caregiver facing the following issues: legal and estate planning concerns, asset protection, financial and insurance matters, geriatric assessment and plan management, alternative housing selection and options, reasonably priced health care products and equipment, and mediation of family or institutional disputes. Every question can be answered!

What It Does

CLC's Care Management & Eldercare Division is much more than a "resource" center. It is interactive, a single point of contact, and prompt triage of multiple and interrelated care management matters. It includes a detailed questionnaire and inventory of the complex matrix of the specific care issues involved, immediate solutions if possible, or a prompt referral to experienced and screened local professionals in law, finance, geriatrics, insurance and mediation.

What It Means To The Consumer

The simple answer is PEACE OF MIND AND SLEEPING BETTER for both the caregiver and loved ones! Attempting to understand all of the complicated issues of caregiving (and often multiple and conflicting advice), especially while employed or dealing with dementia or severe disability, is extremely stressful and can be very unhealthy for the caregiver.

CLC's benefits save hours and hours of time and removes worry about making the right decisions, knowing that incorrect decisions can be disastrous for the family. Also, timely guidance on legal, financial and insurance issues often saves consumers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Finally and most importantly, it allows loved ones and caregivers to maintain treasured "independence" and lifelong lifestyle dreams during the special and difficult time when one is a caregiver.


services are substantially discounted

  • Legal advice and planning for long-term care, disability (regardless of age) and estate planning, including wills, revocable living trusts, probate and trust administration, as well as "special needs trusts"
  • Legal advice and planning for Powers of Attorney (both health and financial), advanced directives ("living wills"), conservatorships and guardianships and other court related matters, if needed
  • Legal and financial guidance and planning for Medicaid (MediCal in CA), asset protection for the well spouse and heirs (against claims of the ill spouse) and elder abuse, whether physical or financial
  • Financial guidance and planning for asset protection to pay for "long-term care" expenses and repositioning assets by plan or court order to protect against spousal impoverishment
  • Insurance guidance and planning for "long-term care" expenses, long-term care insurance by experienced specialists and analysis of existing policies to provide immediate cash and settlements
  • Accounting guidance and planning for current tax returns, delinquent tax returns and estate tax returns
  • Professional geriatric care assessment, and on-going plan management, based on overall family circumstances, help with the special circumstances of dementia (e.g. Alzheimer's), guidance in screening and selecting types of care and housing alternatives (at-home help, assisted living, board and care, nursing homes) and handling long-distance caregiving responsibilities
  • Mediation and arbitration services by experienced and screened mediators to address care management and family disagreements, trust and probate disputes, guardian and conservator conflicts, living facility problems (abuse and contracts) and insurance claims
  • A product discount and rebate program providing savings of $100+ (per year) on health care products, equipment and services, such as Ensure, TENA, Boos, Comfort Bath and Attends. There is no limit to the number of times this program can be used.