CLC Incorporated is pleased to announce an exciting new program utilizing fraud resolution to counter the growing need of consumers who are concerned about or are victims of identity theft. Due to a substantial and increasing demand for fraud resolution services, CLC, a leading provider of affordable legal and financial services, is pioneering a movement to forever change the way consumers resolve issues with identity theft and fraud.

What It Is

CLC's Identity Theft & Fraud Resolution program was established to guide victims of identity theft and other related fraudulent crimes through the complex process of restoring their personal identity, credit rating, financial security, and legal integrity.

What It Does

The Identity Theft & Fraud Resolution program is an interactive advocacy service for consumers that provides education, guidance, counseling and legal and financial assistance to victims of fraud related crimes.

What It Means To The Consumer

Identity theft and other related crimes are devastating to consumers. Our all-inclusive program fills a void in the current marketplace by providing legal, financial, and identity theft resolution services. A consumer has one point of contact for all their ID theft resolution needs. Our services can save consumers thousands of dollars in legal expenses and countless hours of their valuable time. CLC is the comprehensive solution for identity theft resolutions.

Our services

  • Fraud resolution counseling, deterrence, and education
  • Assistance with notification to creditors and third parties of identity theft
  • Case file preparation
  • Notice and letter preparation
  • Assistance with identity theft affidavits and fraudulent account summaries
  • Identity theft expense reimbursement (for covered plan members only)
  • Financial counseling
  • Legal document preparation assistance
  • Free legal consultations & discounts on legal services
  • Mediation assistance
  • Identity theft seminars
  • And many other related services