What it is

“An alarming 70% of the U.S. population do not seek legal counsel due to the fear of cost.” (Federal Trade Commission)


With the increasing complexity surrounding marriage, child, elder, civil and criminal related issues, an astounding 90% of the population have an unmet need for legal services (ABA). When confronted with legal issues, most consumers do not know where to turn to obtain professional guidance, nor can they afford the services they need or deserve. The CLC Legal Access Plan is a comprehensive legal solution designed to assist consumers with the potentially catastrophic loss caused by escalating legal fees and to provide affordable legal resources to individuals and their families during their time of need. It also gives members access to experienced attorneys, mediators, and legal document assistants to help members through these challenging stages of life.


What it Means to the Consumer

CLC provides access to the highest quality of legal services available at a fraction of what traditional legal services cost, potentially saving our members thousands of dollars in legal fees. The reason…because our members receive free consultations, whereby a trained legal professional will answer questions about legal issues and assist in finding the right solution for our members' needs at preferred rates. Additionally, we go the extra mile to exceed our members' expectations. We are here to help our members every step of the way.

What IT does

The CLC Legal Access Plan provides members with free access for legal referrals to top rated attorneys in their area when needs arise. To utilize any of the following services, members simply call our toll free number. After presenting the customer service representative with a membership or case number and the type of legal matter, they will be provided with the name, address and telephone number of the provider firm in their local area.

Each member is entitled to one (1) free office consultation or telephone consultation per separate legal matter. In the event a member decides to retain an attorney after the consultation, he or she will be provided with a preferred rate reduction of 25% from the attorney’s normal hourly rate. Virtually all types of legal matters are eligible for these services. An example of the type of legal matters for which a member may use this program include:

  • Civil/Consumer Issues
  • Personal/Family Legal Services
  • Personal Injury
  • Criminal Matters
  • Business Legal Services
  • Real Estate
  • IRS Matters
  • Estate Planning Law
  • And many others