CLC Incorporated offers its innovative program utilizing affordable mediation services for consumers nationwide.

What It Is

Mediation is a process where a trained mediation professional assists disputing parties with resolving legal issues. Mediators do not give legal advice but can offer their opinion regarding settlement solutions and are experts in structuring settlement agreements. Our mediation program is an ideal solution for members resolving any (non-criminal) matter. Smart consumers are choosing mediation as a first-step in resolving legal issues.

How it works

By simply contacting CLC customer service, consumers are directed to an experienced and trained mediator in their local area. Our professional staff and nationally recognized panel of mediators are available to help resolve disputes affordably and confidentially.

What it does

We provide consumers with the option of retaining a qualified mediator to assist them in resolving cases such as:

  • Civil matters including contractual disputes, real estate, land lord tenant, collections, consumer disputes, buy/sell agreements, small claims matters and many others.
  • Family matters including divorce, child custody, child support, parenting agreements, family crisis, elder care, probate/will matters and many others.
  • Non-legal matters including non-legal disputes between neighbors, co-workers, and other emotionally charged issues.

The facts are compelling:

  • Over 80% of legal cases settle in mediation. (LexisNexis®)
  • Mediation usually costs less than traditional legal services.
  • Most courts are requiring parties to mediate their dispute before they can proceed to trial in civil and domestic matters.

Mediation focuses not only on the legal issue but the emotional cause of the dispute. By utilizing mediation, members receive assistance from a mediator who is trained as a problem solver, not a litigator. Where relationships are involved, “mediation is a must.” Mediation helps resolve legal issues while restoring relationships.

What It Means To The Consumer

Consumers will save time, money and aggravation…and in many instances valuable relationships. Mediation sessions can be conveniently scheduled during evenings and weekends. It gives participants greater control over the outcome of their dispute and provides a confidential forum for resolving their issues. Mediation is also a voluntary process. If mediation does not end in a settlement, the parties still have the right to take their case to court. Therefore, participants have nothing to lose.

Our program SERVICES

  • Free mediation consultations
  • Discounts on mediation fees
  • Mediation assistance
  • Mediation for HR Departments
  • Seminars & Conflict Management Training
  • And many other related services

In the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada, consumers are provided with access to our network of thousands of qualified, professional mediators recognized for their integrity, expertise, and professional skill level. Our mediators are either licensed attorneys or subject matter experts with advanced degrees. All of our mediators have over five years of professional mediation experience and exceed the training standards maintained by their local jurisdictions. We also require our mediators to maintain professional malpractice insurance.


Our EIP objectives

  • Assist in resolving sexual harassment, discrimination and other claims, by providing a confidential, affordable, and accessible mediation forum for managers and employees
  • Create a voluntary, collaborative process that involves and assists employers and employees in resolving workplace disputes
  • Provide an environment that facilitates open communication
  • Ensure that the conflict resolution skills are transferred to employees and managers participating in the mediation process


Mediation for HR Departments

CLC’s mediation services assist HR departments in resolving workplace conflicts at their inception. CLC’s Early Intervention Program (EIP) provides employers and employees an opportunity to use an informal method of resolving workplace conflict.

By utilizing our mediation services, employees will be encouraged to use the EIP in lieu of using more formal redress processes such as filing a discrimination complaint or formal grievance. EIP also provides a mediation resource for formal and informal discrimination complaints as prescribed by the Equal Opportunity Commission.

For more information about our affordable Conflict Management & Resolution Program please contact CLC.