CLC Incorporated continues to bring companies and organizations products with significant value. Our newest program is the Value Discussion Program from VBL Certified.

What It Is

The Value Discussion Program is a three-step program that will help you and your employees get more of what they want out of the organization. Specifically, it will help everyone become more successful in their positions; people will learn how to enjoy the people they work with, and your organization will learn how to put in place some "ground rules" that every person wants in their organization.

How it works

The Value Discussion Program is a process. Over the course of a year, VBL will continually deploy its three-step program. The program uses simple tools, provides a measurement system so you know it's working and provides bi-weekly coaching to make sure it's successful and sustainable.

What It Means To The Employee and Employer

This program will give your employees a new desire to come to work and to achieve something significant. This typically results in increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, reduced turnover, improved morale and increased profitability. Your employees win, you win, and the organization wins. Everybody wins!

Some key features

  • It is deployable to any size organization (from 2 people to two million people).
  • Employees learn exactly what they must do to be successful in their position.
  • Employees will learn to recognize and appreciate each person's contribution to the team and their annual goals.
  • A new level of ethics and accountability will be deployed.
  • It's applicable to all employees - from the labor force to the senior management.
  • Your organization is guaranteed to rise to a new level.